The company kept growing until it expanded into new categories and launched iconic brands that have turned into Ecuadorian identity such as: Manicho, Huevitos, Cocoa, Menta Glacial and Leche Miel. All of these products were distributed nationwide, and it spread joy and happiness to every generation in Ecuador.

In 1926 the factory caught fire, and it consumed all the building until it turned into ashes. It was hard at the beginning, but La Universal showed its extraordinary endurance and was reborn from its ashes. A year later, they inaugurated a new factory which was at the same location that it is nowadays. It was many years of growth for La Universal’s brands such as Manicho, that is now part of millions of peoples lives, celebrations and memories.

During the next decades, in every single part of Ecuador, La Universal has brought happy memories and joy to millions of people and has helped them to connect between generations with their traditions and origins.

In 2003 they started an expansion and growth plan through innovations. And they reached their objective! In 2018 there was an extraordinary opportunity of chasing new and bigger dreams. La Universal joined to one of the most ambitious investment projects in Latin America.

During that year the company joined BIA, a multinational that was determined to carry Latin gastronomic heritage to more than 300 million of consumers from all the continent and beyond. So, that dream that started in 1889 and that not only has strengthened during so many decades, will continue growing for many years to come.


Our Dream

Grow in a more sustainable and conscious environment, being leaders in all the categories and conquer new markets.


Our Mission

We create happy moments and unforgettable memories , through our products that connect people and their origins.

Our Values


We are owners

We are entrepreneurs, we create new and better opportunities.

We dream big

We believe that everything is possible and we make it real.

We are passionate with what we do

We are passionate with what we do, work with energy and sense of urgency.

We are honest

We are truthful, we don’t take shortcuts, we do what is right with our team, suppliers and customers.

We are excellent

We seek continuous learning; we reach results as a team and with the best talent.

We have discipline

Through management, process accomplishments and routines, we guarantee sustainable results.